Get Online for a Secure Future!

Albanian Institute of Science (AIS) has been the national partner for GOW since 2012. In 2017, it will be the GOW Albanian national partner for the sixth time.

AIS Partners in GOW17:

  • World Vision Albania – a world wide organization branch , working with children and youngsters all over Albania
  • Protik Innovation Center – the first innovation center in Albania
  • Garazh Community – ICT students Community
  • Ismail Qemali High School – one of the best and highly ranked Albanian High School


AIS will use their online media channels to share the information and details of the campaign and events. They will also use their strong connection with traditional media (TV & Radio ) and their partners to present the campaign. E.g., World Vision is an organization working on the national level and will be instrumental in the promotion.


in 2017, AIS is planning to focus on empowering young people to use the Internet in the most efficient way. They will involve 200 people in the GOW17 events:

Cybersecurity: AIS will organize a workshop with children and young high school students, who are part of World Vision Albania. The aim of this workshop is to show youngsters the power of the Interent and how they could be safe using it. Showing them some of the main risks they can have using Internet and how they can protect themselves from being a victim of Internet lack of safety. Protecting personal data will be again one of the main focuses.

e-Services: AIS will organize a meeting with ICT students in Albania, who are part of Garazh and Protik innovation center communities, to collect some ideas how can we improve this eServices in Albania and how to encourage government offer more eServices. Also at the meetings and workshop AIS will show the benefits from using this eServices.

Employment and Entrepreneurship: The main focus in past years during GOW activities in Albania was to present possibilities that technology and digital skills can offer people in the job market. This year the focus will be on young high school students that are going to choose what university to attend. AIS is going to organize some meetings with last year students of Ismail Qemali High School to show them the benefits of having good digital skills in the most of the today’s career profiles and also to encourage them to specialize in ICT and Computer Sciences.


Contact: Ms. Besjana Hysa