Become an event organiser

To participate in the campaign and organise an event, we invite you to join the existing partnership in your country. Click here to check the list of partners.

If your country doesn’t have a national partner, you can still participate – organise an event and let us know about it. 

You don’t have an organisation but still want to get involved? You can organise your own little training and help your relatives, friends or colleagues to help them with technology.

What to do?

1. Spread the word about the campaign and invite others to join!

2. Browse through the list of resources for inspiration
We are currently collecting teaching activities from our long-standing partners, so more activities and resources will be added. You can also browse previous editions and reports of the  campaign (links in the top menu) and learn about what our partners did in various countries before.

3. Add your training to the map of events (the map will be available in early 2018).

4. Conduct the event and ask your participants to register for the online participant counter (they could do it from home or at the training; the counter will be available on the website before the campaign)

5. Tell us about this event (after you conduct it) on our community website

6. IMPORTANT: Enjoy being part of the pan-European ALL DIGITAL Week!