Better understand and use the technology

Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation for the first time will be the national partner for the ALL DIGITAL Week.

Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation (GLBF) is a non-profit organization established in 2013 as a successor of the BMGF’s programme Bulgarian Libraries – Access Points to Information and Communication for All. GLBF goal is to enhance information literacy, life-long learning, local communities’ development and civil society participation by providing favorable conditions for equal access to information.

GLBF has a network of more than 900 libraries, and its main partners for the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 are 13 Regional Libraries (working in 13 different regions of Bulgaria). They will in their turn reach hundreds of school, college and university students and adults through  promotional campaigns in their cities and regions, and conducting variety of activities.

For the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, several types of events and activities will be organized:  e-skills testing and IT career guidance training, seminars on online safety and online skills for people over 60, meetings with the representatives of Bulgarian Tax Agency, Regional Police forces involved in online crime and violence prevention and their NGO partners, lectures for school kids for basic programming skills using different types of robots, 3D technologies, debates with students on “Developing Critical Thinking and Media Literacy. Realizing and combating fake news, hate speech, and social media abuse”, discussions on internet safety, practical training on working with digital devices, and other workshops and webinars.

The campaign will be promoted among 13 existing centers and over 900 libraries in Bulgaria. Together with its partners, Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation will engage at least 500 people in the ALL DIGITAL Week in Bulgaria.

Contact: Viktoria Bitzova-Stoyanova