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For the first time Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) will lead the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Croatia as a National Partner, bringing all the experience of participating and organising it on the regional level since the very beginning in 2010.

During the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, CTC Rijeka will organise free workshops and presentations that aim to involve citizens from all age groups.The goal will be to inform them about all the possibilities enabled by the new digital technologies. Also,
activities will emphasize the responsible approach to using new technologies.

CTC Rijeka contacted the best Croatian organisations involved in improving digital and media literacy, especially concerning children and young people. Our partners and event organisers recognised the potential of ALL DIGITAL Week and joined the campaign. A lot of the events are organised by IRIM (The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity), which created a thriving teaching and learning system based upon micro:bit microcomputer, and are aimed at improving overall digital literacy in Croatia. The education will be implemented at schools and NGOs.

As a national partner, CTC Rijeka will develop activities that can be implemented by their event organizing partners. Activities are organised in three blocs:

  1. Building personal responsibility and promoting media and digital literacy. This series of workshops will deal with social networks and online news media, and will promote the values of tolerance and active citizenship. Citizens will learn how to protect their private information, how to recognize and avoid hate speech, how to aptly present themselves on the social networks.
  2. Using digital tools to improve their chances in the increasingly digital economy and society. The citizens will learn to use free online tools, such as e-Citizen, g-mail, Europass and so on.
  3. Learning new digital skills. Citizens will be able to enroll in workshops providing introductory and advanced lessons on programming, electronics and design.

CTC expects to engage 2,000 participants in activities and reach over 20,000 via their Facebook page, official website, newsletter, press releases and promo activities.

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Contact: Loris Rašpolić