Digital awareness on safety and legacy

A partner for seven previous editions, Telecentre Danmark again will be the Danish national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, as they find the campaign most important in promoting digital safety and raise awareness.

The two main topics for the ALL DIGITAL Weekm 2018 in Denmark will be Cybersecurity and How to die on the internet. Telecentre-danmark will place focus on practical use, tuition as well as legal aspects and rights pertaining to these functions.

Telecentre-danmark will produce tuition materials, organize workshops/ conferences for ICT centres and local community groups in collaboration with partners, specifically:

  • produce brochures and workshops on safety and security.
  • Workshops and thematic days on “How to die on the internet” with special focus on social services
  • Produce with partner dk4 national TV network a 30-minute programme “How to die on the Internet”. Based on the success of two previous years and successful partnership with the national TV network, Telecentre-Danmark will again produce the programme that will be broadcasted during the campaign week and will be used later for tuition. Last year the programme was viewed by 1,2 mln people, at least the same is expected this year.

The target groups will be the elder segment of the population.

The campaign will be promoted through tc-danmark’ internet site, newsletters, YouTube, press releases and TV. All materials will be available on as well as through local ICT centres.

Together with its 30 partners, Telecentre-Danmark will involve 1,500 participants in the campaign.


Contact: Mr. Morten Lembke, Special advisor