ALL DIGITAL Week is for everybody!

Already a partner for the past six editions, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) is again the German National Partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018. SDC will lead the campaign with the support from Scientific Institute of the Technical University of Dortmund and 21st Century Competence Centre.

The ALL DIGITAL Week is for everybody! SDC strives for all people in Germany to be digital and have the competences to use the Internet to their advantage. Therefore, all people are invited to take part in the ALL DIGITAL Week. In order to reach these people, SDC follows the train-the-trainer approach and qualify volunteers, staff and freelancers to become multipliers.

During the last week of March, SDC will organize two multipliers training events, one that provides the skills and knowledge to implement tablets courses; the other addresses youth workers and trains them so use digital media with their target group in a positive way.

Additionally, SDC will provide senior citizens with tablets and give them the first introduction in how to use these devices. This event will take place shortly before the ALL DIGITAL Week, so they are going to celebrate it under the motto “All Digital”.

In order to reach digital competence centres and target groups on the national level, SDC will address its database with more than 6,000 organisations working on promoting digital skills, providing homes , care and meeting places for disadvantaged groups. Among these organisations are libraries, youth centres, senior centres and computer clubs that use the ALL DIGITAL Week to plan and implement activities for their target groups or that are happy to bring more visibility to their events by putting them under the umbrella of the campaign. These events will be made public with the help of the map of events on the website of the ALL DIGITAL Week. The ALL DIGITAL Week contest will be promoted and hopefully there will be some winners from Germany.

Like in the previous three years, the students from the TU Dortmund will play a big role in the ALL DIGITAL Week (see more below).

All updates about activities will be published here in German:

Together with its 100 partners, SDC anticipates to involve 2,000 people in the ALL DIGITAL Week activities in Germany.

Contact: Mrs. Nenja Wolbers, Project Manager

tu_ebene2wortmarke_enSozialforschungsstelle Dortmund Central (Scientific Institute of the Technische Universität Dortmund) will help to boost ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 activities in the region and will partner with Stiftung Digitale Chancen. A group of students, studying BA in rehabilitation science at University of Dortmund, will organise events in Dortmund as an “applied” studying scheme.

The students of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Science will offer free ICT courses for people with low ICT skills in Dortmund. Within a one-year course, ten students are preparing more than 30 courses and will lecture and evaluate their activities. For their courses they are working together with more than 30 telecentres and other learning spaces in Dortmund. This year the students will deliver courses on topics like “Snapchat and Instagram” for people with disabilities, “Job finding on the web” for prison detainees or “Save apps for your children” for parents. For more information please click here or visit the students on their Facebook page.


Contact: Dr. Bastian Pelka, Coordinator

The main stakeholders for 21st Century Competence Centre are: Microsoft Germany, German Telekom, German Federal Ministry for Family affairs, German Federal Ministry for Education and Science; German Parity Welfare Association; AWO Germany; District Office Marzahn-Hellersdorf of Berlin; University of Erfurt and Leipzig, Didacta Association, Seitenstark-Netzwerk, Digital-Educational Pact Germany and other networks we are involved.

Contact: Gerhard Seiler, Strategy&Innovation Manager