Citizens 100% digital: building digital citizenship through inclusive activities, enhanced competence and wider usage of online services

ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Italy is run in collaboration between ERVET and Fondazione Mondo Digitale. Learn about their activities below

ERVET (Emilia Romagna Valorizzazione Economica del Territorio, Bologna) is the National Partner for the ALL DIGITAL Week in Italy for the fourth time.

It will coordinate a wide range of activities of various partners across Emilia Romagna and beyond:

Pane e Internet (PeI) Points will collaborate with the national Revenue Agency to increase trust, promote and facilitate the use among citizens of the Agency’s online services. This action involves a sequence of 3 meetings (1,5 hour each): 1) information on the online services and how to access them; 2) how to use the pre-filled personal revenue declaration 3) how to register rental contracts and pay taxes online. During the ALL DIGITAL Week, the introductory meeting will be held in four locations.

Servizio Marconi TSI (digital team of USR Emilia-Romagna – Regional School Office of Italian Ministry of Education) will organise 9 hands-on workshops for teachers (3 hours each) to raise their awareness of the role of digital skills/competence in education and provide them with tips for a quick introduction of digital practices at school.

EWMD Reggio-Modena will organise with PeI Points of Modena and Reggio Emilia two promotional events for students of the Coding Summer Camp for Girls).

The teachers and Italian L2 language students of the CPIA Modena 1 adult education school will be presented and trained by MLOL staff (Media Library OnLine) on the use of the digital library service Emilib, now covering 5 provinces (including Bologna) of Emilia Romagna.

ALL DIGITAL member Open Group, Ervet, and Fondazione Aldini Valeriani will conduct a workshop with teachers, librarians, and youth workers  on the competencies needed to best develop digital citizenship of children and young people. The workshop is part of the new Erasmus+ COLIBLITE project (COmmunity LIBraries and digital LITEracy skills for disadvantaged children) . Open Group will also promote the NetLit – Media Literacy Network, a national radio network launched by Open Group and others to develop critical media use of new generations, fight fake news and online hate speech.

ERVET and the Regional government will run a seminar to present DigComp, the European Digital Competence framework for citizens, to the vocational training centres of Emilia Romagna.

The Dept of Education Science of Bologna University will run a training workshop on “Universal design for learning (UDL) in multimedia content production”.

Casa Corsini will dedicate to the campaign its introductory laser-cutting licensing laboratory and Open FabLab session, held on every Monday evening.

An inclusive coding, robotics and making workshop will be also held at the Parma FabLab, organised by Asphi Foundation, Officine On/Off and other partners.

Associazione Anziani e non solo will hold jointly with Casa Corsini the workshop Apps for Carers: mobile applications to support family caregivers.

With its 30 partners, ERVET will engage at least 750 participants in ALL DIGITAL Week activities.

Contact: Mr. Stefano Kluzer 

Another Italian partner is Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD), which was the partner for five previous editions of the campaign as well.

FMD runs many projects and initiatives for young and unemployed people to gain soft and digital skills through educational and training programs. FMD sees this aspect as central so that they can become competitive in the job market and in general, for a sustainable local and social development.

From 19 to 25 march, FMD will organize workshops in 10 schools, mainly in Rome and Milan, dedicated to students. Thanks to the collaboration of experts and important ICT companies, students will take part in many activities: from coding and robotics laboratories dedicated to young female students to activities for creating a media art opera. Some of the activities include:

  • 6 workshops on coding and gaming; 4 digital fabrication workshops,  2 robotics workshops and one immersive reality workshop for students at InnovationGym of Rome
  • an event in Milan dedicated to digital art and promoted in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan
  • an event in Pescara dedicated to digital entrepreneurship and women in collaboration with the Italian National Craft Trades Confederation (CNA)

In addition, from March 15th to 18th, the FMD will also take part in the Milan Digital Week. They will organize 7 events to make young people aware of the use of new technologies

Altogether, FMD with partners will involve 500 people in training, and 2,000 in promotional events.

The campaign will be promoted at local and national level through different channels:
– FMD’s official website ( and newsletter;
– FMD’s Youtube
– Facebook
– Twitter

Contact: Francesca Meini