Social inclusion through technology can overcome barriers by empowering young people and people with disabilities through IT skills training and support!

The new ALL DIGITAL member iVote Foundation for the first time will be the National Partner of ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, however, they will conduct the activities in collaboration with our partner for the previous six editions, Open the Windows (OtW).


The iVote Foundation will work primarily with Open the Windows that works to initiate and facilitate active inclusion of all people in the contemporary world through adaptable technology use considering the fact that OtW is a project based service provider for persons with disabilities.

Also, iVote will cooperate with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, public persons and several business partners, as well as five public high schools for the purpose of organizing discussion meetings with children.


For the ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia, the iVote Foundation will organize public events, presentations, debates, seminars that will involve various stakeholders. It will engage all the media channels possible in the country, websites of the business partners, FB, twitter, Instagram. Targeted groups are young people and people with disabilities.

During the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, the iVote foundation will perform the following activities:

  • invite secondary schools to organize activities to promote the importance of digital skills;
  • include institutions and public persons through public events to discuss the importance of digital inclusion;
  • inform organizations working with young people with and without disabilities about the campaign and will make an effort to include them in activities that will promote the importance of digital inclusion and try to put the accent on the social inclusion of people with disabilities through technology;
  • organize discussion meetings with representatives from the ministries and government institutions and persons with disabilities and civic organizations on the need to include young people with disabilities in the IT sector by empowering them through IT skills training and support;
  • run workshops with members of the organization for people with disabilities to present the platform with training courses on business and IT skills; to introduce the most reasonable and accessible platform for these people to learn and start their inclusion in the IT sector;
  • engage assistants from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering to have a discussion meeting with the students on the topic of Internet security and protection.

With all the activities, iVote Foundation will engage 5,000 and reach 30,000 people.


Contact: Ms. Biserka Shemovska, project assistant