Think critical, beware fake news

Already a regular partner of the campaign since 2011, the Information Society Development Foundation (Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego – FRSI)  is the Polish national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018.


The idea of a campaign is based on FRSI experiences and good practices. They will invite libraries, schools, local NGOs, houses of culture and other institutions to join the campaign and organize meetings for people of all ages. During meetings participants will learn how to identify fake news and how to assess the reliability of information which floods them 24 hours per day. The meetings will be prepared according to the ready-to-use scenario developed by FRSI (or they will be based on others scenarios and materials of FRSI partners).

The scenario will start with a short and attractive movie. The movie will be a starting point for further exercises and discussions. As in previous years, the meetings organized locally will be short (up to 2 hours) in order to attract people’s attention.

At the same time libraries, schools and other institutions will disseminate information about campaign in social media. This way more people will be aware of the campaign and inspired.

Here is the script for the event in Polish


As in previous years, ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Poland will engage several partners – both from the past editions and the new ones. Among business partners, there will be Microsoft, Orange (we used to cooperate with these companies during previous editions). We will also cooperate with partners from NGO sector, among others with the Center for Civic Education, the Association of Creative Initiatives, the Federation of Educational Activities, the Activation Foundation. FRSI will also establish partnership with organizations that specialize in critical thinking issues.


FRSI will promote the campaign through the dedicated website, social media channels, and on numerous websites and portals that belong to FRSI, among others:; – the biggest and the most significant portal targeted at public libraries in Poland; – social networking portal targeted at selected group of innovative librarians; monthly newsletter “A library – it’s happening here!”

FRSI will ensure publicity in media at the national and regional level. At the same time libraries, schools and other local institutions will be equipped by them with ready-to-use templates of promotional materials: press releases, posters, banners, leaflets. They will be able to use them independently, at the local level.

FRSI and its 400 partners plan to engage 1,400 users in the ALL DIGITAL Week in Poland.

Website for the campaign in Polish:

Contact: Ms. Małgorzata Dąbrowska