Explore the power of digital choices

For the fourth time, Programa Escolhas (Choices Programme, PE) will lead the ALL DIGITAL Week in Portugal as a National Partner.

The campaign activities will be promoted and implemented with the help of PE project partners – currently PE involves 89 Digital Centers through Portugal and in the autonomous regions.

Every month, Programa Escolhas  launches a “challenge” to their Digital Centers. ALL DIGITAL Week is going to be the theme of the March challenge, and PE will encourage the centres to organise events in their communities. Locally, the centres will also distribute the information through their local community partners.

PE will suggest some activities and ask the centres to come up with other own activities relevant for their communities. Here are some of the suggested activities:

  • Workshops for the community: Cybersecurity, Ciberbullying, Addiction to Internet/Online Games, digital tools for Employment, Safe Online Shopping, Coding;
  • Thematic workshops where young people will teach elderly people about technologies;
  • Promote online courses offered by their partners like CISCO, Microsoft or FCT;
  • Create a video or slideshow reflecting the activities developed during this week;

Programa Escolhas will engage 1,200 people in the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign in Portugal.


Contact: Margarida Videira, Digital Inclusion Coordinator for Choices Programme