Discovering New Opportunities Through Building Core Digital Skills

Centre for the Development of Social Initiatives “Proektoria” is following in the footsteps of  PH International, which has been the national partner in Russia since the campaign inception in 2010. In 2018, as in all the previous years, the ALL DIGITAL Week will be run  within Microsoft Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth project.

Traditionally, a great number of events and activities aimed to involve people into ALL DIGITAL campaign will be organized: workshops, competitions, e-skills testing and IT career guidance training, online safety seminars, meetings with the leaders of IT companies, video lectures for school kids, school codethons, training on MOOCs.

The main partners for the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Russia are 33 IT for Youth project training centers (working on the basis of universities, colleges and libraries) and the network of 630 school coding classes across Russia. They will reach thousands of school, college and university students through holding promotional campaigns in their cities and regions, and conducting variety of activities for youth.

The series of events will be held by the NGO representatives and volunteers in partnership with local schools and other educational establishments for underprivileged youngsters.

Microsoft Russia will supply training materials and access to online tutorials and tools.

Our business partners – regional IT companies – will provide school students the opportunity of internships in their offices and to learn from IT-specialists that will interact with students via skype or face-to-face to inspire youngsters with their personal experience to do and achieve more.

The campaign will be promoted among 33 existing centers and 80 professional development institutions, 4,000 partner schools in 80 Russian regions.

Together with its partners, IT4Youth will engage 20,000 people in the ALL DIGITAL Week in Russia.

Contact: Mr. Yakov Ostanin, Project manager