Traditionally, Get Online Week 2017 will connect many people of varying ages, diverse backgrounds and level of ICT competence throughout Russia in their online journeys.

PH International (PH) has been a national partner since the GOW inception in 2010, and  once again  it is the Russian national partner for European Get Online Week 2017.

This year PH together with its 100 partners will use various forms of involving citizens into GOW campaign: seminars and workshops, competitions, e-skills testing and IT career guidance trainings, meetings and interviews with the leaders of IT companies and video lectures for school kids on start-ups. The themes of the activities will vary from Media Safety and Mobile Learning (Government E-services) to Job Online and Internet and Coding training.

Cybersecurity. The focus of this year’s activities will be on Internet safety with the emphasis for:

  • youth from low income communities or families or remote regions who do not have steady access to basic or advanced information technologies and the internet at home/school;
  • youth with disabilities.
    The IT for Youth centers will run the series of seminars for secondary and vocational school students. The seminars will address the pros and cons of the internet as well as Intellectual Property rights. The participants will be introduced to an interactive presentation featuring most common Internet threats and helpful tips for their prevention. The participnats will be informed about security tools available to use on most computers to further protect their personal information and their computer from viruses, spyware, and spam.

E-Services. To introduce people to the Internet and a wide range of e-services, the following events will be provided:
Searching the Internet workshops – to introduce people to e-services
Mobile Literacy course –free on-line and face-to-face training on how to use mobile devices and apps effectively, safely, and responsibly. People will acquire skills for using their mobile devices as tools for accessing information, resources and services that can significantly improve their lives.

Employment and Entrepreneurship. To encourage youngsters to acquire knowledge and skills for jobs and take up a career in IT sphere, the number of training courses with guidelines will be provided during the GOW 2017:
IT Career Guidance training for high school students
Start coding with KODU Game Lab training course
– Webinars and online game on IT-entrepreneurship for high school children;
– meeting sessions with IT-specialists in schools and coding clubs;
– holding hackathons and code-a thons;
– launching of IT-entrepreneurship online video course for high school students.

The centers involved in the IT for Youth project will invite guest speakers and IT-level volunteers who will highlight how coding and other computer science skills have transformed their own lives and inspire school students with their personal experience to do and achieve more. Special emphasis will be placed on inviting successful business women and female programmers to further attract girls in IT sphere.

Together with its 100 partners, including training centers, schools, regional IT companies, and regional NGOs,  PH International will engage 10,000 people in the GOW17 in Russia.

Contact: Mr. Yakov Ostanin, Project manager