Improving digital skills of the nation – partnership for prosperity

Already a partner every year since the very beginning of the campaign in 2010, the ALL DIGITAL member International Aid Network (IAN) is again the Serbian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018.

This year ALL DIGITAL Week campaign will offer the citizens of Serbia a range of activities to help them enhance their digital skills and bring new internet users online.

IAN’s main partners will be primary and secondary schools (more than 150), followed by libraries, associations of citizens and professional associations engaged in ICT promotion. They will all organise a wide spectrum of activities for their beneficiaries (pupils, students, ICT teachers, parents, unemployed, general population, etc.), aimed at raising people`s digital competences. Activities will target people of all ages, from kindergarten children to seniors.

Creative teachers from primary and secondary schools as well as librarians, NGO activists and professional associations throughout the country will organise activities, such as:

  • ICT Training and coding classes for children
  • Promotion of online learning
  • First click for seniors
  • Promotion and use of Skillage and YouRock
  • Online safety for kids
  • ICT workshops for teachers
  • e-Participation training and events

IAN and its partners will promote the campaign through various channels including: social media, websites and traditional electronic and print media. Communication will target wide audience of all ages, planning to reach at least 10,000 people.

Together with its 70 partners, IAN plans to engage 8,000 people in the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018.


Contact: Ms Gordana Stankov Stojilovic