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Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise is again the national partner for the campaign in 2018 and will organize the fourth edition of ALL DIGITAL Week in Slovenia.

Simbioza invites like-minded partners and organisations to join the national campaign for Slovenia and cooperate in promotion and sharing their events. These organizations include Career center of University of Ljubljana, various organisations and associations  (NVO-VID Network,,, Zavod 404, Rampa Lab, CodeCatz, SmartNinja, Zavod Ypsilon,, University faculties – Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronics, Business and Economy, etc.) and their own network of 142 primary and secondary schools across Slovenia.

This year, Simbioza plans activities in three different ways:

  1. through primary schools with pupils and seniors
  2. with senior citizens in an innovative lab of technology Simbioza BTC City Lab and
  3. in Digital Academy with young people and people who are already employed, but want to improve their digital skills.

The goal is to include all generations into the digital world. Simbioza will organize workshops where young people from primary schools will teach seniors how to get online and this way both groups get empowered, as young people take the role of teachers. They will also show some advanced and useful tools in the digital world for seniors in Ljubljana, where they will be able to test is and learn how to use it – such as VR goggles, interactive floor, smart kitchen, smart tablet computers and useful apps for everyday living. For young people entering the labour market, we will provide with in-depth training combining soft and digital skills.

With the help of partners, social and traditional media channels, they plan to engage at least 700 people and reach 10,000.

More information is available on:

Contact: Tjaša Sobočan, Project Manager and International Lead