Improving e-competences in Spain

Already a partner for the past seven editions, the ALL DIGITAL member Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks is again the Spanish national partner in 2017. The Association is a network of regional telecentre networks grouping around 8,000 national telecentres.

The Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks will coordinate the campaign at a national level through its 11 Networks, some of them are ALL DIGITAL members as well: Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos, Consorcio asturiano de Servicios Tecnologicos, Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Fundacion Centro Tecnologico, Consejeria de Fomento de Castilla y Leon, Diputacion Provincial de Burgos, Agencia gallega de Modernizacion Tecnologica, Direccion General de Informatica y Telecomunicaciones de Murcia, Fundacion Dedalo and Fundacion Esplai.


  • The Spanish National Partner developed several activities for the promoters of the ALL DIGITAL Week. The activities have been programmed from the different networks that form the association and include workshops, webinars, talks with experts, and several online and face-to-face training events.
  • Conference/meeting and workshop of Telecentre Networks with the participation of managers and e-facilitators. The aim is to create a networking space where those responsible for managing of telecentre networks and telecentres  could share methodologies, processes, resources, tools and best practices.
  • Webinars will offer basic guidelines for a safe use of technology, with special attention to mobile devices and their apps.
  • Connection and discussion with experts was structured as an action, in which the protagonism is shared between an expert (via hangout) and users. They would talk about a certain subject, providing and clarifying concepts, offering solutions, advice, practical applications.
  • Free online courses
  • Training courses: Introduction to Robotics
  • Webinars: Certification of Digital Competencies
  • Digital skills and employment workshop. Different digital competence models will be discussed during the workshop.
  • Online training actions and seminars planned by the Telecentre Networks.

6,000 people will be engaged in the ALL DIGITAL Week activities in Spain.

The Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks has also planned some dissemination activities for the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign, such as: press conferences, participation in forums, seminars and conferences, dissemination of press releases and promotion materials.

An online campaign will be planned, as a supplement to the traditional campaign; the one through website and social networks promotion, mailing and online media distribution.

ContactJose Moreno, Technical Secretary