Promoting responsible behaviours in digital environments

For the first time Get Online Week is held in Switzerland in 2017 thanks to our Swiss National Partner institute is dedicated to empowering netizenship and training on tools for socio-professional development. Their network consists of various training and education sectors in Switzerland, which will be engaged in the GOW17 campaign.

The purpose of the GOW17 in Switzerland is to empower a responsible use of digital technologies in everyday life activities.

During Get Online Week 2017, Ynternet. org will work together with its three main partners: University of applied sciences in Geneva, Association Smala (ecovillages in Switzerland), TedXGeneva.  Together they wll organise a range of activities to boost digital skills of users, all covering the topic of Cybersecurity:

  • Activities in specific schools to sensibilize and show the good way to use internet. These trainings will be held on various topics, such as time management, licences and plagiarism, digital profile, depending on the school. This netizenship campaign starts in march 2017 and will last for 12 months.
  • Social media training for the elderly: A training explaining to seniors how to use the technologies (smartphone, computer) and social networks like Facebook. This is a partnership between and Smala.
  • Specific emailing campaign based on the Mozilla’s Core Web Literacy Curriculum: emailing their subscribers on different topics.
  • will also introduce their users to their online campaigning through educational selection of videos from their own collection and TEDxGeneva.
  • On the topic of Employment and Entrepreneurship, with the¬†University of Applied Sciences of Geneva will organise an Introduction to cryptocurrencies: skills for future employability (wikinomics)

100 people will be involved in face-to-face-training, and 2,000 will be reached through promotional efforts, mainly through direct email campaigning.

Contact: Athanasios Priftis