IB12_InternetButtonsGInternet Buttons is a free webtool that makes online browsing easier for anyone who is new to the internet.

Created by We Are What We Do, it is being rolled out across a number of countries in Europe with the support of Liberty Global, one of the main supporters of Telecentre-Europe‘s annual Get Online Week campaign.

The tool is actually available in English, Dutch, Flemish and Polish.

What is Internet Buttons?

Internet Buttons is a free webtool that allows to create a simplified, personalised experience of the web for those people in their lives who are new to the Internet or find it confusing. It wants to improve the online experience of those that use the internet to a very limited degree

With the tool, people can set up a page of large colourful buttons, which link to sites and services the person they’re helping might find useful or enjoyable. It removes all the complicated bits of the internet and makes it easy to keep going back to the places they like.

The buttons are saved on a personalised URL (e.g. joanmiller), so they can be accessed from any computer and can be made a homepage.

To whom Internet Buttons is aimed?

Internet buttons is initially set up for the new web user by a more experienced friend or relative. The tool can help enhance digital skills for first time users or beginners and promotes intergenerational learning. The supporting person can also add a photo and message to the page, reminding the person they are helping to call them if they get stuck.

As well as better access to personal support, there is also lots of help on the site via a permanently-available helper bar and guides to using buttons. As the experience and confidence grows, new buttons can easily be added, either remotely by the original creator or by the new user. Suggestions and guides to new Buttons in the ‘Ready-Made Buttons’ section allows people to explore and expand their use of the Internet comfortably and gradually.

» Download the guide on what it is and how to use it
» Download an explanation in postcard format
» Watch the video: A short introduction to Internet Buttons | Polish | Dutch | Irish