2019: From Internet Users to Digital Citizens

In 2019, ALL DIGITAL Week is held for the first time in Armenia. It is led by STEM Society in partnership with Safer Internet Armenia Programme.

STEM Society will work with 30 schools and colleges, which will host various events and activities across the country to empower young people with a wide set of skills and develop resilience and awareness in digital landscapes: understand and embrace tools to protect their safety and privacy online, know how to use, create and share online content in a responsible manner.

Administrative support comes from the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Education and Science, Yerevan City Municipality, regional and municipal authorities. The activities will be run by a consortium of partners from public and private sectors.

ALL DIGITAL Week in Armenia is celebrated through workshops, trainings, competitions and master classes with leading experts in the field. Events and training activities enable young people and adults learn new digital skills and practice their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Schools in the capital city and regions of Armenia, as well as colleges, will host workshops in internet safety and media literacy, as well as and meetings with parents, during which issues related to safer and smarter usage of the Internet and digital technologies, media and digital literacy will be discussed, and educational materials will be disseminated.

The workshops for parents will be aimed at teaching them how to use smart devices for everyday life. Media literacy training will be provided to adults, so that they can get the skills to deal with information online.

Armenian language educational resources on ethical issues and safety, providing advice on how best to use the internet for educational purposes, will be disseminated.
Competitions will be organised during the ALL DIGITAL WEEK aimed to motivate teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

STEM Society plans to engage about 2,000 people in the ALL DIGITAL WEEK campaign activities in the capital city of Yerevan and regions of Armenia.

Contact: Narine Khachatryan