Become a Partner

REGISTRATION FOR 2019 IS CLOSED. You can still organise events and add them to the map.

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We invite national networks, umbrella organisations, or those with capacity to have a big regional or national reach to join as partners of the campaign.

If your country already has a partner, we encourage you to join an existing partnership or form a coalition. You can also contact us to discuss your involvement. Click here to check the list of partners.

We invite organisations to become partners of the campaign

  • Be a partner in a pan-European campaign, which has already reached over 1,125,000 people
  • Get to know other organisations working to enhance digital skills in various European countries and learn about/from their experience and initiatives – find partners for possible future projects
  • Promote your organisation and activities on the European level through our channels to a network of 60 ALL DIGITAL member organisations, 3,000+ social media followers and 1,300+ newsletter subscribers

What do you need to do as a partner of ALL DIGITAL Week in your country?

  • Promote the campaign and planned activities to your network
  • Build/join a partnership at national level to assure the success of the campaign
  • Raise awareness on the issues tackled by the campaign in your country
  • Disseminate promotional and learning materials available online
  • Ensure the organising of the training, workshops, and other events during the campaign
  • Encourage local organisations to add their events on the map
  • On your website, collect the links to resources for local organisations to conduct events (step-by-step plans/’scenarios’, etc.)
  • Tell us about your achievements! Write a blog about the campaign with an overview of what has happened in the country, highlighting best/most interesting events on our community networking platform
  • Report your activity outcomes to the ALL DIGITAL campaign team

How do we support you?

  • We are collecting best practices on organising the campaign, attracting partners, promotion and dissemination activities from our long-standing partners. Check the Resources and Tools section; browse previous editions of the  campaign (links in the menu) and learn about what our partners did in various countries from the campaign reports.
  • Representatives from national partner organisations join the special online group for collaboration and communication where you can get the latest information on the campaign development, ask questions, and seek advice from other partners and ALL DIGITAL team.
  • We  organise a webinar before the campaign where the team and experienced partners share their tips and tricks, you can ask questions, and together we find solutions to your concerns.

Still not sure? Write to us and we will discuss with you the opportunities!