Empowering disadvantaged urban groups through digital media

In 2017, for the second time in Belgium GOW is run by Maks vzw.  Maks is situated in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods of Brussels, namely Kuregem. Most inhabitants here come from an immigrant background. Within a population of about 25,000 spread over just 2km², there are over 80 different nationalities. Both the unemployment and illiteracy rates are high. Maks is also an on the job training center for NEETs who want to become educator in multimedia and graphic design.

Maks will showcase their organisation’s work on empowerment of disadvantaged urban groups through digital media. A number of workshops with vulnerable groups of the community will be organised.

This year Maks vzw will participate with three different projects during GOW 2017 and involve three different target audiences: kids; low educated and socio-econmically vulnerable women, and first-time computer users.

For the youngsters between 6 and 12, MAKS will organise creakids workshop. It is a workshop where the kids learn to use the Internet in a playful way . While playing, they  discover the richness of the Internet.

During the course At Home the students will learn the basic skills for using the Internet. At the end of the course they will known how to find accurate information, how to recognise a safe Internet site and whether it is safe to download; how to use an email account and how to  make save transactions on the Internet.

Within the Alter Egal project low educated and socio-economically disadvantaged women will learn digital storytelling. They will learn how to use a computer and also how to use the Internet to find pictures, drawings and information to create their own story.

During the week, 30 participants will be engaged in training and workshops.

Contact: Nico Bogaerts