Get Online Week 2011 in Italy

For the 2011 edition of Get Online Week, the network of Internet Saloon, as the Italian partner of reference, organized a “Three Days of guided navigation” in the centre of Milan, Pavia and Sondrio.

During the “three days” short “non stop” courses on internet were held, focused on finding sites related to hobbies or special interests of students of all ages interested in discovering the world of the net.

With 419 new students, the courses experienced a big turnout of people, and the counter registered over 900 people involved.
The italian media followed the event with great interest, as the campaign received ample space in the newspapers and television channels.



Get Online Week 2011 in Latvia

GOW 2011 in Latvia was organized and coordinated by LIKTA (Latvian Information and communication Technology Association) in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development of Latvia. The aim of Latvia’s Get Online Week was to raise awareness of the importance of e-skills for citizens and SME’s and involve the people who have never used computer and Internet and introduce citizens and entrepreneurs to new e-services.

The results were impressive: More than 41.000 people – including 2.900 who used computer and internet for the first time in their lives – took part in cities and rural regions all over Latvia.  More than 200 partners were involved in the organization: ministries, ICT companies, municipalities, schools and libraries. There were 709 special events organized, for all kind of audiences. Live interactive internet broadcasting seminars and discussions were organized on February 28, March 1, March 3 and March 4.

Mara Jakobsone, Vice-President of LIKTA said: “My organization provides continuing support to people to start or continue their journey into the digital world and help to learn about new e-services. Integration into the information society saves time and money for citizens and SMEs, but it also potentially saves their respective governments millions of Euros. In Latvia the 200.000 people who used the online census during Get Online Week rather than the paper census will have saved my government millions of Euros. The support of online government services is an important role that telecentres can play for their citizens and governments.”

» Download the complete report of Get Online Week 2011 in Latvia



Get Online Week 2011 in Lithuania

Get Online Week 2011 in Lithuania was coordinated by Langas į ateitį (Window to the future). During 2010-2012 this non-profit association is implementing the ESF funded project “Online services for a Lithuanian e-citizen” in which 16.000 participants are trained on ICT basics and online services.

Lithuania was the PR Queen of Europe, as the Get Online Week message reached over 100.000 campaign supporters. The PR activities included interviews on a national TV channel, press conferences and a round table about e-Skills together with authorities and business partners.

A very special person – the Lithuanian Prime Minister Mr. Andrius Kubilius – addressed the importance of the digital inclusion and encouraged the participation in the campaign through a video speech.While the online counter registered almost 30.000 people online, another 80.000 were able to follow-up the campaign through national well-known web portals.

» watch the video

Another video, made by Langas į ateitį shows trainees of a basic computer course during Get Online Week 2011.

» watch the video containing interviews with trainer Laurencija Navagrudskaitè  and trainees Irene Kirilova and Elena Garšvienè.


Some excerpts from the interviews:

Laurencija Navagrudskaitè (trainer): “We’ve already had learners of 76 and 86 years old. The record breaker was a man of 90 years old. Very many people come in and say, from almost the first day, ‘for me, it is important to pay public utility charges and to avoid standing in queues’ ”.

Irene Kirilova (nurse): “Well, I don’t want to be lagging behind my family. My grand-daughter and daughter know how to use the computer, and I don’t know anything. So I decided to learn a bit for myself.”


Elena Garšvienè (physician): “Because I have to write reports each year, and I always have to ask for help from my children or someone else, or from my colleagues who know how to use the computer. I would like to do everything on my own. Children… well perhaps they could teach me, but instead they say ‘mom let me do that for you’ ”.





Get Online Week 2011 in Macedonia

For the Get Online Week campaign in 2011, Macedonia was ranked 14th with 223 registered supporters who filled in the digital counter posted on the website of  Open the Windows, the national partner for Macedonia. A total of 72 supporters were first-time computer users.

Several media and civic organizations supported Get Online Week, which was organized for the first time in Macedonia: Alfa TV, Studentsko radio, “Poraka Nasa” from Kumanovo, the “Metamorphosis” Foundation, the portal and Microsoft Macedonia. They aired information or posted direct links on their websites to the Macedonian digital counter.