Join us for ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 and reinvent yourself!

For the second time, in 2019 the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) will lead ALL DIGITAL Week in Croatia as a National Partner, bringing all the experience of participating and organising it on the regional level since the very beginning in 2010.

During the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 CTC Rijeka will organise free workshops and lectures that will involve citizens of all age groups and different backgrounds, from children and young people to elderly citizens, as well as socially excluded groups. By promoting activities of ALL DIGITAL Week, CTC Rijeka will inform them about the possibilities enabled by new technologies and the ways how to use it safely and responsibly, in order to enhance their digital skills, increase media literacy and employment possibilities. For more advanced children, youth and other citizens they will organize activities in the STEM field (coding, robotics, etc.)

CTC Rijeka will develop activities, which could be carried out by their event organizing partners. Activities will be organized in three blocks:
1. Building personal responsibility and promoting media and digital literacy. This series of workshops will deal with social networks and online news media and will promote the values of tolerance and active citizenship. Citizens will learn how to protect their private information, how to recognize and avoid hate speech, how to aptly present themselves on the social networks.
2. Using digital tools to improve their chances in the increasingly digital economy and society. Citizens will learn how to use free online tools, such as e-Citizen, e-mail, Google tools, Europass, etc.
3. Learning new digital skills in order to enhance employability. Citizens will be able to involve in the workshops that provide introductory and advanced lessons on programming, robotics, graphic design, all using digital tools.

Partners and stakeholders

CTC Rijeka will include 15 elementary and secondary schools that will organise activities in the fields of STEM and advanced technology usage, and also regarding safe and responsible usage of online tools, social networks and all sources available on the Internet.

In addition, approximately 10 NGOs will be involved in promoting and celebrating ALL DIGITAL Week, by organizing promotional and educational activities, events, workshops, and lectures, with the aim of enhancing digital skills and promoting digital literacy among general public.

Other stakeholders that will be indirectly included are decision makers, employers, other institutions and organizations, as well as general public at national level, that will be informed on the activities organized during the campaign, their results, and the importance of digital literacy today.

CTC Rijeka plans to involve 3,000 people in the campaign activities and reach 20,000.

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Contact: Loris Rašpolić