Join us for ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 and reinvent yourself!

For the second time, in 2019 the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) led ALL DIGITAL Week in Croatia as a National Partner, bringing all the experience of participating and organising it on the regional level since the very beginning in 2010.

A total of 76 workshops were held in Croatia within the All Digital Week for over 1,500 people. Many of those workshops covered a wide range of topics: robotics, programming, digital services such as Facebook and Google, Internet security, visual identity, etc.

Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka itself organized 18 workshops within its premises for people of all ages and gathered 10 partners who organized workshops throughout Croatia.

The IRIM (The Institute for Youth Development and Innovation) has supported All Digital Week with over 30 workshops for librarians who will continue to transfer knowledge to young people who come to libraries. IRIM has equipped all of these libraries with micro:bits – a little programmable microcomputers, equipped with a multitude of sensors, and can be used in various school subjects – from self-explanatory math, physics and computer science to music and physical education classes.

Futura Dubrovnik organized workshops of Arduino microcontroller and video game programming.

Micro:bit workshop

Partner Marlena Bogdanović has taught elementary school basics of computer thinking, and Dalia Kager worked with the micro:bit to make a STEMazing World.

Connect IT has organised workshops for Mbot, LOGO, Phynton and Scratch programming and development of video games for kids. For those with a more creative mind, there was a workshop for digital painting and visual design.

The Koprivnički poduzetnik held an intensive education on creating a website for unemployed persons aged between 20 and 29 years. They also hosted a IoT workshop where students learned about microcontrollers.

“Robot Versus Robot” workshop

Code Club Karlo took care of coding workshops in Karlovac, while Trsat Primary School held modeling and coding workshops.

The Rijeka City Library – American Corner has held a 3D printing workshop and demonstrated some of the basic 3D technology capabilities.

Primary school Petar Zrinski Cabar has organized security workshops on the internet, and the organization Tehno OZ has held two coding workshops.

Center of Technical Culture Rijeka wants to thank all their partners for training over 1,500 people and reaching over 15,000.

Code Club

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