2018: Get your skills up to speed!

For the first time Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) led the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Croatia as a National Partner, bringing all the experience of participating and organising it on the regional level since the very beginning in 2010.

CTK Rijeka sent invitations to join the campaign to organisations involved with digital and media literacy and computer science. Out of many potential candidates, they established contacts with two major organisations, whose involvement greatly enhanced the campaign in Croatia: IRIM (The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity) and CATC (Croatian Association of Technical Culture) from Dubrovnik-Neretva Region. IRIM held over 40 workshops for elementary school teachers and professors. The workshops were based on supporting the ProMikro project, based on micro:bit ecology, while CATC joined with activities based on the Croatia Creates (Hrvatska stvara).

Hrvatska Stvara event in Dubrovnik

CTC Rijeka held 13 lectures and workshops on building personal responsibility and promoting media and digital literacy, using digital tools to improve their chances in the increasingly digital economy and society, and learning new digital skills.

Rijeka – fake news workshops

Over all, over 1,500 people from various backgrounds – elementary, high school and university student, unemployed, entrepreneurs and seniors – joined the campaign though over 85 events, organised in all of Croatia’s major cities and towns. The largest part of the demographic were students, whose interest was mainly in acquiring new digital knowledge and skills. The same goes for the unemployed, with the added interest in presentation skills, as well as skills that could help them start a business. The seniors were concerned with the security on the Internet. A big part of participants in the campaign were elementary school teachers, and who estimated that they needed to upgrade their digital skills.

Vukovar – Python programming

In total, 30 organisations provided 85 events for 1,500 participants in Croatia.

The greatest achievement was that IRIM (The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity) and CATC (Croatian Association of Technical Culture) chose to join the campaign. They brought great programmes and established concepts, that meshed very well with the overall aims of the ADW campaign. Also, their involvement provided good coverage and dissemination of the campaign results. CTK RIjeka hopes that the cooperation they established this year will carry on to the next editions of the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign!

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