Czech Republic

2020: Coming together for a better, inclusive and innovative digital future

European Projects & Management Agency (EPMA) is coordinating the 2020 campaign in Czechia. Having organized a number of digital education events and being a part of this campaign already in the past (in 2012 and 2013), EPMA strives to widen the reach of the campaign to all parts of the country and to all sectors. EPMA is taking on the coordinating role this year encouraging its partners and networks to organize and promote their events.

The primary group of organisations that EPMA is involving in this campaign are members of the national Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Secondly EPMA will be focusing on formal and non-formal educational organisations primarily from its co-founding region, the Vysocina Region as well as from other areas.

The goal of the Czech campaign this year is to promote activities and work happening in the Czech Republic and to promote the partners organizing events. The organizers also hope to bring together various actors on national level enabling them to build cooperation or partnerships for better digital future. Last, but certainly not least, EPMA hopes this year’s campaign will bring digital awareness and empowerment to wide public, including those most unlikely reached by digital skills and empowerment activities.

Contact: Iva Walterova