How to Be Safe on the Internet.

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Type of the event: Workshop/training

Online or offline: Offline

Main theme/focus: Cybersecurity/Online Safety

Date time start: 25/03/2019 17:00

Date time end: 29/03/2019 18:00

Number of hours: 5

Country: Russia

Region: Северо-западный

City/Town: Калининград

Organisation: Библиотека им. А.П. Чехова

Address of the event: Московский проспект, 39, Калининград, Калининградская область, Россия

Social media:

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser:

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 50

Short description of the event:

Children hospitalized in the Kaliningrad Regional Children’s Hospital joined ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 and learned about cyber-security and online safety.

I Believe in Miracle charity fund supports children and youngsters with serious diseases, as well as orphans and children who stay in hospitals without parents. For those kids, who spend long time in the hospital, the All DIGITAL Week had become a social inclusion Week with fun, engaging and raising awareness activities.

The Kaliningrad IT for youth center coordinator, Ludmila Golubiatnikova, together with I Believe in Miracle charity fund volunteers went to several hospital departments to teach young patients how to protect themselves when navigating online.

The majority of kids in the hospital are the active Internet surfers, but not all of them know about the Internet dangers and social media risks. The five – day event covered several hot cyber security topics, like cybercriminals, syber bulling and syber ethics.

Kids learned about online predators, watched videos about safe and productive online experiences and discussed simple tips on how to be more secure online. They were also trained how to make and use secure passwords, back up data, understand and use privacy settings, and more. The young Internet users promised to follow online safety tips and share them with friends, their parents and doctors.

“I often surf the web here, in the hospital. I also use Skype to talk to my parents and friends. It has been very important for me to learn about the online behavior rules. It’s been great to be part of All DIGITAL Week, and I will be more careful in social networks from now on, ” an 11 year old participant commented.

Every day ended up with fun quizzes and internet security games. The participants also enjoyed filling out the questionnaire on the IT for Youth website and determining their location on the interactive campaign map.

A 16 year old participant shared his experience: “I thought I was an experienced Internet user, but during the All Digital Week I learned so many things about cyber fraud that I hadn’t been aware of!! Thank you, ALL DIGITAL Week!”

All Digital Week helped children in Kaliningrad hospital to join the global online community, encouraged them to develop their IT and social skills.

According to IT for Youth project coordinator, training and supporting children in a difficult life situation was a priority for their team during the All DIGITAL Week 2019.

“We wanted to help those kids be more comfortable and less traumatized in the hospital, and introduce them to the digital world. Fun and engaging activities brought smile and joy to their faces! The young hospital patients’ positive feedback about our workshops and their positive emotions proved that we did the right thing”.

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed