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Type of the event: Lecture/information session

Online or offline: Offline

Main theme/focus: Employment and Entrepreneurship

Date time start: 28/03/2019 13:00

Date time end: 28/03/2019 14:00

Number of hours: 1

Country: Latvia

Organisation: Elejas pagasta bibliotēka

Address of the event: Lietuvas iela 42, Eleja, Eleja Parish, Latvia

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Dace Rače

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser: +371 63061642

Target Group: Unemployed adults

Number of participants: 10

Short description of the event:

Informācija par par NVA piedāvātajiem e-pakalpojumiem – CV reģistrēšanu, vakanču meklēšanu, pieteikšanos vakancēm u.c.

The event is: Completed