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Type of the event: Workshop/training

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: Basic Digital Skills
Employment and Entrepreneurship

Date time start: 24/03/2020 08:00

Date time end: 30/04/2020 19:00

Number of hours: 14

Country: Croatia

Region: Croatia

City/Town: Velika Gorica

Organisation: Dalia Kager, Eugen Kvaternik Elementary school

Address of the event: Osnovna Škola Eugena Kvaternika, Školska ulica 4, Velika Gorica, Hrvatska

Url of the event:

Tag or keywords: vocation, students, proffesions, project

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Dalia Kager

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser: 0959020244

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 23

Short description of the event:

8th grade students will explore areas of the human profession by independently finding information and programs, selecting appropriate sources of information, and editing, creating and publishing digital content, designing, developing, publishing and presenting their work using ICT tools and collaborative activities in goal of choosing their future vocation.

All of activities were conducted online using Yammer platform for communication and OneNote for making of digital book about proffessions.

Learning objectives:

  • evaluate information on the Internet with regard to its accuracy, reliability and accordingly finds and evaluates new sources of information
  • recognize services for publishing its digital content and analyze the possibilities and conditions of their use
  • describe the process of publishing digital content through a network service and compare the possibilities of different services for publishing digital content online
  • find and select information and the necessary program for creating and editing content for the selected topic, with instructions on appropriate sources
  • create, edit, and share digital content with others, and access content that others have shared with him
  • independently select appropriate sources of information, appropriate programs and forms of digital content that best describe the given topic
  • develop, publishe and, if necessary, share its digital content, which can be connected into a complex whole and include a number of different digital media components
  • participate in the creation of common digital content or the realization of the project with the help of other team members, where students critically reviews his work and the work of his associates.


1.Researching and selecting a profession, collecting data from the Internet about the selected profession, making notes in a text document, citing data sources.
2. Exploring the terms of use and selecting two digital tools from the CARNet eLaboratory page – one digital tool for making videos and one for making presentations.
3. Creating a presentation about profession in the selected tool, respecting copyright
4. Creating and publishing a video about profession in the previously selected tool.
5.  Collaborative work on digital book – create a page about the chosen proffession in OneNote digital book of professions, write an introduction, and insert the created contents – text document, presentation and video.
6. Reflection – fill in the self-evaluation form.
7. Peer evaluation.
8. Publishing Proffession digital book on school website.

Proffessions digital book

It was an interesting and challenging project especially as it took place entirely in an online environment and all communication was in virtual form. I am pleased that the students have become more familiar with the possible professions, and this will help them in choosing the high school they are enrolling in this year.

What did students said?

Ema, 14: This was exciting, now i want even more to become a cardiologist!

Luka, 15: I was suprised what range of work does salesman have. It doesn’t include only selling goods.

Dominik, 14: I selected computer technician proffession, but now i realise that I will have to put more effort to become one.

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed