2019: Ode to Digital

In 2019, ALL DIGITAL Week was organised for the second time in Findland led by Bildningsalliansen – the umbrella organisation for non-formal adult education in Swedish in Finland.

The ALL DIGITAL Week was larger in Finland this year with coordination groups in five regions, compared to only one region last year. All regional activities were planned and carried out independently, each catering to the specific needs of the area in question and reflecting the composition of the coordination group. Information between the groups and some overlap with national organisations participating in several of the regional activities helped create links and coordination between the events.

In the beginning each region was allocated one day each in the ALL DIGITAL Week. This allowed for some of the content to travel from one place to the next. In the end three of the regions had so much programme that they expanded to the whole week.

From the start it was agreed that the topic could be approached in a very wide manner. As a result, the week offered workshops, lectures, hands-on training, discussions, digital fairs, maker spaces, panel discussions, digital first aid, digi-walks and much more. The ambition was very much to try and capture the richness in digitalisation, looking at several of the dimensions that are being affected. Thus the answer, whenever anyone approached the steering group with a new idea, was always yes.

Content was offered in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. In many of the regions the libraries took on a big role and often hosted many of the larger events, notably in Helsinki, where two floors of the spanking new central library Oodi were filled to the brim with All Digital Week content for the whole day.

Some examples of media coverage:

Contact: Mr Johanni Larjanko