2019: Be digital – improve and share your skills!

In 2019, the ALL DIGITAL Week in Germany will be organised by two partners – Stiftung Digitale Chancen and the students of Scientific Institute of the Technical University Dortmund (see below).

Already a partner for the past seven editions, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) will again be the German National Partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2019.

The ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 will be about acquiring new digital skills and competences and then support others in their learning process in Germany. Like last year, all people are invited to take part and we will have various events and trainings for different target groups: senior citizens, refugees, educators and volunteers.

During the last week of March, SDC will organise an event where refugees will be the trainers for a mixed group with e.g. senior citizens, migrants, multipliers. Furthermore, they will have a consultation hour for senior citizens and their challenges with smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, SDC will provide senior citizens in a retirement home with tablets and give them the first introduction on how to use these devices. This event will take place shortly before the ALL DIGITAL Week, so we are going to celebrate it under the motto “All Digital”.

In order to reach digital competence centres and target groups on the national level, SDC will address its database with more than 6,000 organisations working on promoting digital skills, providing homes, care and meeting places for disadvantaged groups. Among these organisations are libraries, youth centres, senior centres and computer clubs that use the ALL DIGITAL Week to plan and implement activities for their target groups or that are happy to bring more visibility to their events by putting them under the umbrella of the campaign. These events will be made public with the help of the map of events on the ALL DIGITAL Week website.

SDC will involve 800 participants in the campaign events and will reach at least 6,000.

All updates about activities can be found here:


Contact: Mrs. Nenja Wolbers, Project Manager


tu_ebene2wortmarke_enThe students of Scientific Institute of the Technical University Dortmund have helped to boost the ALL DIGITAL Week activities for five years in the Dortmund area and organized the campaign in collaboration with Stiftung Digitale Chancen. Their main goal is to reach as many people with low ICT skills as possible in order to support and empower them in their use of digital media.

Supported by Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund Central, a group of students studying BA in rehabilitation science at University of Dortmund, in 2019 will create and conduct workshops to improve digital inclusion.

Twelve students are preparing more than 40 workshops that will take place in more than 30 telecentres and several learning spaces as well as social work and health institutions in and around Dortmund. The workshops apply free WiFi from hotspots provided by DOKOM21.

In 2019, the workshops deal with:

  • digital job applications
  • Facebook for people with intellectual impairments
  • a first introduction to the app GoTalkNow
  • facing cyber bullying for pupils and parents

The workshop Get Your Job Online will support people with low digital experiences creating digital applications by themselves. Moreover it will be a supporting feature for searching for suitable job vacancies. This workshop will be offered to young inmates and a group of refugees.

Facebook…and then? about the correct usage of Facebook will be a supporting workshop for people with intellectual impairments. The workshop will be offered in a simple language, easy to understand. The participants can choose from different modules where they might need help:  some have to be supported in privacy features, others need help in data protection. This workshop will take place in a residence for people with impairments as well as in working places for disabled people.

At the GoTalkNow workshop, the GoTalkNow app will be introduced in special schools to teach its features of supporting the way of communication. This workshop is aimed at teachers and skilled employees to integrate the app in their daily life.

The Cyber bullying workshop will take place in elementary schools with pupils of Grade Four. It will discuss prevention measures and recognizing and dealing with first signs of bullying and will also show ways of preventing it. Simultaneously meetings for parents will show them how to protect their children from cyber bullying and support them for a correct internet usage. These meetings will take place in public libraries.

400 people will be trained in the workshops.


Contact: Cynthia Seemann