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National Partners

As national partners

We invite national networks, umbrella organisations, or those with capacity to have a national reach to join as national partners of the campaign.

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Event Organizers

As event organisers

We invite digital competence centres, VET providers, lifelong learning organisations, youth organisations, schools, libraries, social enterprises and anyone else interested, to get involved by organising relevant events in conjunction with their national partners.

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If your country doesn’t have a national partner, you can still participate – organise an event and let us know about it.  All event organisers will get certificates from the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign upon successful completion of their events.

And please don’t forget to ask your participants to register their support (short survey – anonymous)

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As participants

  • Browse through the events available in your country and join one of them!
  • If no face-to-face training is available in your city/town, you can still use some of the available tools and resources to assess you current skills or gain new ones.
  • Support the campaign by registering on our online counter. You would only need to choose your country, age range and occupation.


As supporters

Should you wish to become a sponsor of the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign, you can do so in a number of ways. You could support national networks in the country/countries, in which you operate, by helping with local promotion or PR, through direct sponsorship, or you could support the campaign centrally.

As the campaign partners or supporters, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Visibility and co-branding opportunities at EU level
  • EU level branding on materials, which will enhance their credibility at national level
  • Supporters have their logo and information on the ALL DIGITAL Week website
  • Strategic positioning vis-à-vis the EU institutions in terms of political support for digital skills and jobs
  • Ability to engage in multi-stakeholder dialogue and actions with other organisations and companies sharing the objective of promoting digital empowerment

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info(at)

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» for any inquiries on supporting our campaign
» for any inquiries on having your news items published on the ALL DIGITAL Week website