GOW2013 partner for Belarus: Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs

Belarus-BELAU_logoHAlready a partner for GOW2012the Republican Public Organization “Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs” (RPO “BelAU”) is again the national partner for GOW2013.

Local partnership

The association will involve 4 ICT learning centres at NGOs, private organisations and schools: at its own premises at RPO “BelAU”, at the Branch of the Russian State Social University in Minsk, at the UNESCO Club “Our Time” (Gomel region) and at the «Gymnasia №2 Vawkavysk» (Grodno region). They also partnered with the Education Department of the Gomel Region.

They expect to reach about 1.000 people during the campaign’s week.

Planned activities

The following events are organized by tbe partners during GOW2013

  • Monday, March 18th – RPO “BelAU” holds a webinar to announce the events of the European “Get Online Week!” in Belarus.
  • Tuesday, March 19th – On the webportal of RPO “BelAU” the preregistration begins of the distance e-learning course: «UNESCO Clubs: opportunities for participating in social life»
  • Wednesday, March 20th, 11:00 am – “Web-school” presentation for pupils at a local school in Krasnoe, Gomel region. The event is organized by the Gomel regional UNESCO Club “Our time” and  by the Education Department of the Gomel region
  • Wednesday, March 20th – Students of Russian State Social University in Minsk give computer literacy training for the elderly people of Minsk.
  • Wednesday, March 20th – A workshop on the use of the Internet sources by pupils will take place at Gymnasia №2 in Vawkavysk, Grodno region.
  • Thursday, March 21nd – A presentation „Virtual travelling around Belarus” for the elderly people, living in Grabovka village, Gomel region will take place at a local school. The event is organized by the Gomel regional UNESCO Club “Our time” and  by the Education Department of the Gomel region.
  • Friday, March 22nd – RPO “BelAU” organizes the webinar “Key competences of the coach in non-formal education” for the interested in non-formal education
  • Sunday, March 24th – The entrepreneur Aleksey Avgustinovich will give a free master class “Internet advertising from scratch” for beginners in the business-sphere and others, interested in Internet-advertising.

Planned promotion

The association will promote their campaign through e-mail and websites.

Contact: Mr. Vitaly Nikonovich, Vice President