2018: Be UMIque and become Unique!

The DAISSy research group (Dynamic Ambient Intelligent Sociotechnical Systems) participated in the ALL DIGITAL Week for the first time.

The groups was founded in 2001 by highly skilled and motivated researchers coming from various backgrounds. The vision of the researchers of DAISSy group is to contribute to the realization of an advanced humane society by inventing technology that adapts and supports human needs and not the other way round! The group collaborates with the research laboratory “Pervasive & Mobile Computing, Quality and Ambient Intelligence” at Hellenic Open University and Research Unit 3 of Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus”.

DAISSy organized a webinar in order to introduce UMI (Ubiquitous, Mobile, Internet of Things) technologies and their potential use in STEM education. The webinar presented a holistic view of UMI technologies and introduced their potential use in education and training. The following topics were covered:

  • Introduction to UMI technologies and their potential use in education and training
  • Demonstration of the UMI online collaboration platform as an enabler for participation in the Communities of Practice and for promotion at European level
  • Hands on session on the design of a training scenario using UMI technologies and the UDOO Neo kit

Anybody can join! Learn more about the webinar

Contact: Achilles Kameas


  • Overview of commitments for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Greece – see above



  • Overview of commitments for Get Online Week 2016 in Greece – see below



This is the 4th year that the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) is proudly and actively involved in supporting the European Get Online Week by encouraging young people to engage with ICT.

Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) has been the national partner since 2014, and in 2017 HePIS again was leading the GOW campaign in Greece.

The main partners for GOW17 were: Microsoft Hellas, CISCO, PEOPLECERT, and Alliance For Digital Employability.

HePIS was to organize the following activities to involve 1,000 people in GOW17:

  • Training sessions, through which young candidates will learn how to develop their own websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript;
  • Online campaigns in order to promote coding as a key skill for all and enabling them to learn the basics through playing an online game;
  • Online courses offered by CISCO in Cybersecurity ;
  • Educational programs (such as Coding Bootcamps) aiming to re-skill young candidates as programmers in Java and C# with placing a significant percent of them in relevant positions

Specifically, on the topic of Cybersecurity, HePIS was planning an online campaign in order to enroll over 500 candidates in online courses offered by CISCO in Cybersecurity.

E-Services and Employment and Entrepreneurship were the subjects, already included in the educational programs (such as Coding Bootcamps), offered by HePIS. In addition, HePIS was to create relevant sections on their educational platform (over 25.000 unique visitors per month) and relevant content for their websites and social media.

Contact: Ms. Katerina Apostolopoulou


Blogpost: Get Online Week 2017 in Larissa, Greece


2016 was the third year the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) was involved as the national partner of the GOW campaign.

HePIS planned to organize the following activities:

  • Training sessions through which candidates will learn how to develop their own websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Career counseling sessions of 1 hour each will be delivered advising unemployed people on how to create their CVs and cover letters as well as interview preparation and career orientation.
  • E-learning licenses and ECDL certifications will be given to unemployed people on basic coding skills and upon that to certify their knowledge
  • Coding workshops will be organized through which candidates will learn the basic coding skills
  • Fit4jobs trainings will be rolled out for the candidates to acquire the skills that are highly demanded by the employers. Upon the training, we plan to place the candidates to vacant ICT positions.

Contact: Mr. Manolis Labovas, Marketing Manager