ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Italy will be led by three main partners: ERVET, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, and Centro Studi Foligno. Learn about their activities below

Centro Studi Citta di Foligno (CSF) for the first time will lead the campaign in the Umbria region.

CSF we will invite all relevant stakeholders to organise  events during or around ALL DIGITAL Week and will organise a week of their own events.

CSF has just inaugurated DigiPass, one of the 8 digital competence centres recognized by the Umbria Region for the promotion of digital skills to all citizens and especially to those who need support for the access to online public services.  During  ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 CSF will boost the promotion of all the services and opportunities offered by the DigiPass, namely:
– an open-desk that will stay open Mon-Fri, 6 hours/day, where anyone can go and ask for digital support to from e-facilitators
– a brand-new fully equipped IT lab for training and workshops
– an open space with 15 BYDS (bring your device stations) that will operate as a temporary co-working and fab-lab for local startuppers and entrepreneurs
– a relax area for meetings with an advanced system for in-presence virtual meetings.

Each day of the campaign will be dedicated to a specific target group and will include:

–  a round-table during afternoons with social sector representatives, in order to understand what services and activities they want to be offered
– a thematic workshop on one of the CSF’s EU projects focused on digital skills and innovation during mornings.

The tentative programme for the Week is:

  • Monday 25 March. Target group – primary schools: workshop on Scratch with WELCOME project participants
  • Tuesday 26 March. Target group  – secondary schools:  workshop on AR&VR with Crowddreaming trainers
  • Wednesday 27 March. Target group – local authorities: workshop on Smart Cities with DevOps engineers
  • Thursday 28 March. Target group – SMEs: workshop on Open Technlogies with OPEN-AE trainers
  • Friday 29 March. Target group – adults and elderly people: workshop on Basic Digital Skills with DCDS trainers
  • Saturday 30 March. Target group Industry and University – event with the local Start-up grind community

CSF will work with:

  • 5 primary and 5 secondary schools, involving minimum 40 students
  • 8 local authorities who will bring at least 20 public officers
  • 40 among SMEs, large companies, local associations and NGOs that will involve at least 60 participants

In total CSF expects to involve at least 140 citizens with  different workshops and round-tables.

The campaign will be promoted mainly at local and regional level, by using the official communication channel of DigiPass:
– the regional wesbite:
– the Telegram channel:
– the Facebook page:

Contact : Altheo Valentini

ERVET (Emilia Romagna Valorizzazione Economica del Territorio, Bologna) will be the partner for the ALL DIGITAL Week in Italy for the fifth time.

The 2019 edition of the campaign in Emilia Romagna will see again the participation of multiple actors working on digital culture and education in different domains.

The three main streams of initiatives are the following:

  1. Workshops and information events of the Pane e Internet (PeI) project of the regional government run in collaboration with Municipalities through the PeI Points. They are the digital literacy training courses for adults and seniors (often on the use of smartphones); events for children, teenagers and their families on safe Internet use; and information meetings on online fiscal services to get tax benefits for the home, in collaboration with the national Agenzia delle Entrate.
  2. The wide range of training workshops for school teachers on educational technology and innovative pedagogical methods, run by the Servizio Marconi of the Emilia Romagna regional office of the Ministry of Education.
  3. The innovative digital, coding and multimedia educational workshops run byOpen Group (often focused on the potential to address various disabilities) for early childhood, children and teenagers, their families and the educators working with them.

A number of other initiatives on different topics are organised by local digital culture associations such as Casa Corsini and Civibox, Unioncamere (Chambers of Commerce), Media Library online and Modena libraries and CPIA adult education school, EWMD in Reggio Emilia and Modena (coding for girls).

Almost 2,000 people are expected to participate to these events during the ADW 2019.

Contact: Mr. Stefano Kluzer 

Another Italian partner will be Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD), which had been the partner for six previous editions of the campaign as well.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale leads the ALL DIGITAL Week in Italy with an important programme of activities dedicated to all citizens, from students to elderly.

The programme’s objectives are: promoting new talent and ideas; endow young men and women with labour market needs; promote a culture of sharing, collaboration and open innovation; stimulate curiosity, analysis and problem-solving; develop opportunities for learning digital skills amongst people around Italy by promoting the exchange of information and knowledge and promoting peer learning.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale organizes about 25 workshops from 25 to 31 March dedicated to students, teachers, youngers, migrants and old people. Thanks to the collaboration with important ICT companies and experts of different sectors, people take part in many activities: from Artificial Intelligence laboratories in collaboration with Microsoft to coding and robotics workshops supported by Olivetti.

Some projects within ALL DIGITAL Week:

  • Vivere Digitale” in collaboration with Facebook and Freeformers: provide students with the opportunity to improve their competences and acquire the mentality necessary to fully exploit the new forms of digital economy; workshops from cybersecurity to social media and innovation in different regions of Italy: Lazio, Abruzzo, Campania, Lombardia, Sicily, Basilicata;
  • Ambizione Italia per la scuola” in collaboration with Microsoft: accelerate digital transformation in Italy and contribute to employment and drive the country’s growth. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft House in Milan, Innovation Gym in Rome and many schools in all Italy;
  • Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100”  – coding activities for young women in collaboration with Facebook: FMD is one of the partners at Binario F, the new facility by Facebook Italy dedicated to the development of digital competences;
  • Share School” in collaboration with Olivetti: practical labs with the Microninja Kit for younger children in the digital environments at the Virtual Innovation Gym and hackathon;
  • Inclusive Senior Education through Virtual U3A (ISEV)” is a project implemented as part of Programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. Digital literacy courses for the elderly. The teachers are high school students;
  • Holomakers”, implemented as part of the Erasmus+ Programme. At the Innovation gym students learn to design computer- and analogically generated holograms and familiarise with the basics of image elaboration;
  • Open Space” selected by Con i Bambini for the Fund to Contrast the Educational Poverty of Minors: during the ALL DIGITAL Week the project arrives in in suburban areas of Reggio Calabria (South of Italy) with coding workshops for students.
  • In addition, during 13-15 March Fondazione Mondo Digitale participates in the Milan Digital Week with 7 events organized in collaboration with some important ICT companies (Olivetti, Facebook, Free Formers, Microsoft, Ericsson, Dell, Omnitech, Fondazione Don Gnocchi) to make young people aware of the use of new technologies.

Together with their 11 partners, FMD will involve at least 1,000 participants in the campaign activities.

Contact: Francesca Meini