2019: Digital Technologies in Education for All

The Association Langas Į Ateitį (LiA) has been the Lithuanian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week since its kick-off back in 2010. In 2018, for the tenth time, Langas į ateitį  will organize the campaign in Lithuania.

The main topic of ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Lithuania is “Digital technologies in education for all”, meaning using ICT in lifelong learning. All the activities are organised in partnerships with libraries and various education providers and other stakeholders.

The following activities are planned for 25-31 March:

  • Brain battle on safe internet issues organized in 65 public libraries;
  • Open door day introducing ICT infrastructure for education in the national library in partnership with Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania;
  • Online seminar on Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) and its self-assessment tools, organised in partnership with Education Development Centre (EDC). Participants – formal and non-formal educators;
  • Online seminar on Teachers Learn Tech in partnership with bit&Byte Creative Technology Academy. Participants – teachers;
  • Online seminar on “Coding goes to Lithuanian primary school“ in partnership with EDC. Participants – primary school teachers, parents, etc.;
  • Online seminar on SELFIE in partnership with Centre of Information Technologies in Education (CITE). Participants – school administrators;
  • Online seminar on “Safe Ways to Use E-banking” in partnership with Association of Lithuanian Banks. Participants – seniors;
  • Online video lectures promoting ICT professions in partnership with National Association of Distance Education (NADE). Participants – young people aged 14-29;
  • Open door days in libraries introducing ICT infrastructure for education in partnership with public libraries. Participants – library visitors;
  • Conference “Development of digital competence: When and How” in partnership with Education Development Centre (EDC), Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty, Centre of Information Technologies in Education, National Digital Coalition in Lithuania. Participants: educators, teachers, students – future teachers.

Together with their 65 partners, Langas I Ateiti will involve 10,000 people in the campaign activities.

Contact: Ginta Liberyte