2020: Innovated library for the digitally skilled society of Lithuania

The Association Langas Į Ateitį (LiA) has been the Lithuanian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week since its kick-off back in 2010. In 2020, for the 11th time, Langas į ateitį  will lead the campaign in Lithuania.

The Association will work with:

  • 600 Lithuanian public libraries and their branches – they will organise activities for libraries visitors;
  • Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, association of Lithuanian Librarians, association of Lithuanian Municipal public libraries and association of Lithuanian County public libraries will help in organising digital skills training for librarians;
  • M. Mažvydas National Library will coordinate the exposition of most innovative libraries;
  • Information Society Development Committee and the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania will help in promoting ALL DIGITAL Week activities.

Since 2018, the association “Langas į ateitį”, together with its partners, has been implementing the project “Connected Lithuania: safe, effective and responsible Lithuanian digital community”. The main aim of this project is to show LT residents the advantages of the information communication technologies, as well as motivate and help them directly to develop their digital skills using Internet effectively, safely and responsibly. One of the main project activities is digital literacy training in public libraries. Nowadays, public libraries play an important role as part of the digital and smart infrastructure of the country. Librarians are active collaborators in creating knowledge society in Lithuania. For this reason, the association Langas į ateitį“ will focus on the digital skills of librarians and library visitors during ALL DIGITAL Week 2020.

The following activities are planned for 23-29 March:

    • ALL DIGITAL Week opening event – will take place in Presidential Palace of republic of Lithuania (planned).
    • Exposition of the most innovative libraries – organized by M. Mažvydas National Library.
    • Webinar on the most common types of Smart-ID fraud – organized by association of Lithuanian banks (online).
    • Webinar on library innovation for the digitally skilled society of Lithuania (online).
    • Digital skills training on safe internet issue for school librarians – organized by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania (face2face);
    • Digital skills training on creative lab for public library staff – organized by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania (face to face);
    • ALL DIGITAL Week activities for libraries visitors: 1. Critical thinking test; 2. Interactive activities for students; 3. Media literacy quiz.


Contact: Simona Gogelyte