2019: Digital Technologies in Education for All

The Association Langas Į Ateitį (LiA) has been the Lithuanian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week since its kick-off back in 2010. In 2019, for the tenth time, Langas į ateitį  organized the campaign in Lithuania.

This year over 15,000 people participated in the campaign activities! Over 527 public libraries organized various activities during ALL DIGITAL Week.

The main topic of ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Lithuania was “Digital technologies in education for all”, meaning using ICT in lifelong learning. All the activities were organized in partnerships with libraries and various education providers and other stakeholders.
This week was especially interesting and useful for people working with youth: teachers, librarians, future teachers. Many webinars and the conference “Development of digital competence: When and How“ were organized to share the latest information on the use of technology in education.

Teachers, kids, parents and anyone interested in ICT infrastructure participated in open door days of libraries and got to know and test the new equipment. Visitors were introduced with engineering, creative and programming packages featuring devices such as: 3D printer, virtual reality goggles, robotics kits, constructors, drones, and more.

Digital World Quiz

During the campaign, pupils were invited to participate in educational video lectures, where they heard interesting facts about ICT professions, found out how perspective they are and how to choose the right one. In addition, brain battles, quizzes and discussions, lectures on “How to tell fake news from real news?”, “Advertising critic” and others were organized in libraries.

The elderly were not forgotten as well. Considering the real need, an online seminar “Bank Without Code Cards: Practical Tips” was included additionally in the Week programme. Useful information and advice from Lithuanian banking and telecommunication professionals was presented.

Webstream of the seminar “Bank Without Code Cards” at the library

Among all we would like to highlight the conference “Development of digital competences: When and How”, which was organized in partnerships with Education Development Centre (EDC), Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty, Centre of Information Technologies in Education, National Digital Coalition in Lithuania. The main focus of the conference was on the digital competences of primary education teachers.

Over 120 Kaunas region participants attended the conference. Next to school teachers one could meet school headmasters and deputies as successful use of digital technologies in education is very much dependent on the priorities of school leaders and on the support and encouragement of school teachers as well.

The event started with presentations and relevant reports. After a coffee break, workshop activities were organized in four groups:

  • algorithm and programming for primary school students;
  • digital content creation;
  • activities for primary school students in virtual environments;
  • school leaders’ discussion on How to organize informatics education in primary classes more efficiently.

Participants feedback was very positive, events like this are not often, especially far from the capital, though of great need. Majority of participants expressed their will to attend this kind of events more often.

Conference in Kaunas

Langas į ateitį  thanks all the participants, collaborators and partners who supported them in organizing the activities!

Over 30 000 people were reached through promotion activities with 180 publications and over 250 social media posts. Some examples:

Contact: Ginta Liberyte