Next GOW edition on 14-20 March in 2016!

It is now confirmed that the next edition of European Get Online Week will be running from 14 to 20 of March next year. The campaign is organised by Telecentre Europe and a number of its members and corporate partners every year since 2010.

European GOW campaign aims at getting people online and digitally competent by introducing ever-changing benefits of using the Internet and many other ICT tools to the most vulnerable groups of society (the poor, seniors, the unemployed, migrants, women, etc.). Promoting ICT jobs for those unemployed and youngsters is another mission of GOW in order to tackle high unemployment rates in Europe.

Roughly 109,000 Europeans were involved in GOW 2015 this year participating in more than 4,000 events at national or local level, like trainings, seminars and workshops. From all those involved in campaign activities, around 60,000 were young people and 7,500 unemployed. Click here to view the wrap up infographic!

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