2018: Think critical, beware fake news

Already a regular partner of the campaign since 2011, the Information Society Development Foundation (Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego – FRSI)  was the Polish national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018.

In Poland, this year’s theme of the campaign was critical thinking. FRSI has established close cooperation with the Polish Humanitarian Action, which joined in preparing a workshop scenario. The workshop “World News” was targeted at young people and adults.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. to realize that our perception of information is strongly related to the place where we live,
  2. to encourage to take a look on the same event from a different perspective than on a daily basis,
  3. to understand that information presented in media (especially in social media) does not necessarily rely on reliable sources,
  4. to find out how to assess the credibility of information.

Here is the script for the event in Polish

FRSI are especially proud of the scenario of the workshop “World News” developed jointly with Polish Humanitarian Action. Participants of the workshop were divided into four teams of journalists who prepare tomorrow’s edition of the online magazine “World News”. They had to visit four stations where some tasks were waiting for them. And at the end of the workshop they had another task to do all together.

FRSI encouraged libraries, schools, community centers, non-governmental organizations and other local institutions that offer Internet access to participate in the campaign. In total, 245 local institutions were involved. All of them organized meetings based on this year’s workshop scenario or materials from the previous editions.

The campaign was also supported and promoted by partners. In addition to the Polish Humanitarian Action, these were the following entities: Center for Citizenship Education, Foundation Activation, Empowering Children Foundation, Foundation for Educational Innovation Little School, Orange Foundation, The School with Class Foundation, Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”, Microsoft.

In total, 4,900 people participated in ALL DIGITAL Week activities and about 3 mln were reached.


FRSI promoted the campaign through the dedicated website, social media channels, and on numerous websites and portals that belong to FRSI, among others:; – the biggest and the most significant portal targeted at public libraries in Poland; – social networking portal targeted at selected group of innovative librarians; monthly newsletter “A library – it’s happening here!”

FRSI ensured publicity in media at the national and regional level. At the same time libraries, schools and other local institutions were equipped with ready-to-use templates of promotional materials: press releases, posters, banners, leaflets. They  could use them independently, at the local level.

Website for the campaign in Polish:

Contact: Ms. Małgorzata Dąbrowska