2019: All Romanians Digital

Already a partner in all previous campaign editions, EOS Foundation again, for the tenth time, will be the Romanian national partner in ALL DIGITAL Week 2019.

2019 campaign in Romania will focus on the following activities:

  • First click: a range of courses, workshops and events will be developed in order to encourage first time users to access ICT devices (laptop, PC, tablets) and internet and to become familiar with ICT;
  • ICT for Women: campaign partners will be encouraged to run and complete trainings and workshops to raise the awareness among girls and women regarding the importance of gaining ICT skills and improving their employability chances. The scope of this activity is to increase the women’s (but not only) interest for ICT-related jobs, to raise women’s chances to obtain better jobs and to make them more competitive on the job market.
  • ICT and Entrepreneurship for Women: Female entrepreneurs have become important players in the entrepreneurial landscape. However, in Romania, the percentage of women who are starting a business related to ICT is still very low. In this respect, a special curriculum addressed to women that are intending to develop an ICT related business was developed and will be distributed to the partner’s centres to be used during ALL DIGITAL Week.
  • Digital skills for seniors: In Romania, less than 28% of senior citizens aged 55 to 64 have access to ICT devices and internet. Most of them are not familiarized with the new technologies and have never used computer or internet. In this sense, a large number of seniors and elderly people will be engaged to participate in different activities especially designed for them: e.g. First click, how to use a tablet/smartphone to connect to social networks, look for medical services, connect with public services, etc.
  • Minecraft for Education courses: organize various courses/tutorials related to Coding through Games/apps and Minecraft programming for young people.

As a national partner, EOS foundation will involve more than 100 partner centres/organizations across Romania to participate in ALL DIGITAL Week. The centres involved will be mainly represented by schools (more than 50 schools involved), public libraries (at least 40), Public Access Points (more than 10), other ICT training centres (public or private bodies) interested to take part in the proposed activities. Any organization or institution willing to join the action will be welcomed to become a partner of the event.

It is expected that more than 12,000 people will be involved in the activities directly and over 100,000 people will be reached.

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Contact: Ms. Gabriela Barna, director



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