2019: Get essential digital skills to make the most of the opportunities!

ALL DIGITAL Week in Russia will be led by the Centre for the Development of Social Initiatives “Proektoria”. In 2019, as in all the previous years since 2010, the ALL DIGITAL Week will run within Microsoft Tvoy Kurs (Your Course) project.

Proektoria partners will celebrate the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign with varied programs, including hands-on workshops, IT career guidance trainings and master-classes, ICT Career Days, interactive sessions with leading Russian IT experts, hackathons and creativity competitions.

Alongside local and regional activities, the Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth project will launch the National scratch Competition (Olympiad) aimed at helping young people to get essential skills for life in the 21st century – learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Participants aged 6-18 will create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art, and share their creations on the web.

A series of online safety training events will be held by the IT for Youth partners to introduce kids to basic online rules, inspiring teachers to use new technologies of teaching in online safety training, and training parents in monitoring children’s online activities.

Traditionally, digital literacy training will be provided to older adults, so that they can get the skills and confidence to access information and services online.

Proektoria will work with 31 IT for Youth project centers located in libraries, kids creativity centers, colleges and universities – they will organize and host various events and activities countrywide to encourage kids and teens to use the internet and technology to further develop their personal and professional lives and acquire valuable knowledge and skills for future jobs.

The Project Coding Club network that involves over 500 schools will hold a wide range of events and training activities to enable junior and middle school students learn new digital skills and gain hands-on experience in programming, robotics and virtual reality, and practice their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Local IT Companies will support the project in holding the ALL DIGITAL Week activities – they will organize school students’ visits to the IT companies’ offices and interactive sessions with ICT people, who will inspire youngsters with their personal experience to become technology creators.

Several social rehabilitation centers and boarding schools (schools for orphaned childrent) will serve as the sites for holding the events ensuring that socially disadvantaged youngsters also benefit from the campaign.

Proektoria with their 50 partners plans to engage 15,000 people in the campaign activities.

Contact: Mr. Yakov Ostanin, Project manager