2019: Promoting Media Literacy in education and learning

For the first time, the campaign in Serbia was organised by the Media Education Centre. The campaign in Serbia had the idea to promote Digital and Media Literacy as a part of the process of Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education. Most of the activities focused on the wide scale of stakeholders, from high school students to governmental decision makers.

There were different events and activities in different places in Serbia, in big university centres but also in small towns in different places in the country.

The goal was to teach the audience how to create new digital tools for the new model of education for sustainable development, and one of the targets was to start inter-generational educational cooperation and partnership between formal and non-formal education.

The main activities during the ALL DIGITAL Week in Serbia had three main directions:

  1. direct training of the High School and University students on Digital, Media and Information Literacy,
  2. encouraging inter-generational partnership in the process of achieving new literacies and
  3. promotional activities with a wide scale of stakeholders (schools, universities, government, public authorities, and many CSOs). The main tool for all activities was the internet and social networks.

This year the activities of the European Media Literacy Week were connected with ALL DIGITAL Week and that  gave three weeks of activities. Some of the highlights:

  • Digital Literacy for Sustainable Development in Rural Environment of Serbia.
  • First time with partners from Novi Sad Voluntary Service Media Education Centre started with Digital Volunteering, and this is an important tool that will be developed for many future activities,
  • Excellent cooperation between young and older participants, participants from big cities and villages;
  • High interest of the Government and Governmental Institutions; all key Ministries were interested in all segments of activities. At the final presentation of the All Digital Week in Serbia, representatives of the four key Ministries and representative of the Office of the Ministry without portfolio for Sustainable Development took part.
  • Many local authorities and their representatives express interest in Digital Media Literacy
  • Four events were organized with Delegation of EU in the EU info Centres, two in Belgrade and two in Novi Sa.

Altogether, there were 36 events organised by 18 partners involving 1,800 people.

Some examples of the media coverage:

Contact:  Miomir Rajcevic