simbioza_logoeng2019: Digital Skills for Better Life Opportunities

Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise has been the partner of the campaign since 2016, and it will organise the 5th edition of ALL DIGITAL Week in Slovenia.

Within the activities, Simbioza will organize several workshops for young people to introduce them with functional digital skills which they will need to enter the labour market. Next to that, main focus is on workshops with people aged over 55 and senior citizens with teaching them how to get online, what to do online and how to use smart devices for everyday life.

Together with FabLab Network and other NGOs, Simbioza will strive to get support from Slovenian Digital Coalition and Ministry of Public Administration – Department of Information Society. During the whole ALL DIGITAL WEEK there will be a strong communication campaign on social media of Simbioza and FabLab.

Simbioza operates nationally, so there will be also several workshops across Slovenia in various locations: innovation hub of technology Simbioza BTC City Lab, intergenerational center Simbioza, FabLabs over Slovenia, as well as primary and secondary schools in Slovenia, which implement computer workshops for seniors in their local environments.

Thanks to their partner network, as well as social and traditional media channels, Simbioza plans to engage 800 participants in activities and reach 10,000.

More information is available on:

Contact: Brigita Dane