simbioza_logoeng2019: Digital Skills for Better Life Opportunities

Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise  executed the 2019 edition of ALL DIGITA Week in Slovenia, as a national partner for the 5th year in the row.

During the campaign Simbioza carried out various workshops on the topic of basic digital skills focusing on people aged over 55 and seniors, in accordance with its main mission; raising digital skills among elderly generation through intergenerational cooperation. During the different workshops and courses the seniors learned how to use computers, smartphones, tablet computers on three different levels.

Together with its partner Digital School, they conducted several workshops for children and teenagers (Lego WeDo, Coding for Kids etc.).

15 primary schools of the Simbioza School network also joined the campaign, by executing their annual activities: young pupils teaching seniors about computers and internet in their local environments, according to Simbioza’s educational programme – all based on the principle of intergenerational help.

Simbioza also executed workshops on different topics for youth and the general public, to provide them with digital skills and competences, enabling them easier access to the labour market etc.

Altogether, 59 events involved 765 participants.

This year the Simbioza team is mostly proud of the way they have managed to bring the community in Slovenia together: 10 partners deriving from completely different sectors (civil society, private sector, public education field etc.).

This partnerships culminated in a strong and successful media and social media outreach campaign. The campaign reached 10,000 people and involved them into ALL DIGITAL Week’s cause. The campaign was also presented at the Summit of Council of Electronic Communication of the Republic of Slovenia.

ALL DIGITAL Week in Slovenia was broadcast on the main national media RTV Slovenia (Radio-Television Slovenia): (1) TV-coverage (4 minutes) on the national news at 17.00 and (2) radio-coverage (4 minutes) on the radio show Euranetplus. Simbioza hopes that this efforts and support by the media will help to establish an even broader recognition of the importance of the All Digital week in Europe, but most importantly, cement the understanding among the stakeholders that digital literacy is a basic requirement for Europe to progress in the wake of digital transformation.

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Overview of commitments in Slovenia