ALL DIGITAL Week in Spain  in 2020 is led by two partners: Association “We are digital” – Asociacion ‘Somos Digital’ and AUPEX: Folk-High-School Association of Extremadura. See their activities:

2020: Improving digital competences

Already a partner for the past nine editions, the ALL DIGITAL member Association ‘Somos Digital’ will be again the Spanish partner in 2019.

Association “We are Digital” will coordinate the campaign through several networks that are part of the association: Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos, Consorcio asturiano de Servicios Tecnologicos, Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Fundación Centro Tecnologico, Consejeria de Fomento de Castilla y León, Junta de Castilla la Mancha. Diputacion Provincial de Burgos, Agencia Gallega de Modernizacion Tecnologica, Fundación Integra, Fundación Dédalo and Fundacion Esplai.

Association “We are Digital” will develop for the promoters of its entire network of telecenters several activities that have been programmed from the different networks that form the association, among which there are workshops, webinars and talks with experts, and several online and face-to-face training workshops:

  • Connection and discussion with experts” workshops are structured as an action in which the protagonism is shared between an expert (via hangout), who would talk about a certain subject, providing and clarifying concepts, offering solutions, advice, practical applications
  • Webinarsand workshops on cybersecurity, a fundamental element that must be present in the daily use of ICT-administration, and on online safety where basic guidelines are offered for the safe use of technology, with special attention to mobile devices and their applications .
  • “What is fake news and how does it work? The truth of lies” webinars will be organised to raise public awareness of having a critical attitude towards the information we see on the Internet and share on social networks. This workshop explains what what is fake news; who, how and why of fake news, teaching to identify fake news and how to react to it.
  • Other activities: “Use Social Networks to find employment“, “Educational Robotics“, “Improvement for the online presence of your company” with the main objective of improving the employability of citizenship through learning and management of new digital tools .

90 event organising partners will involve 3,000 people in the campaign in Spain.

ContactJose Moreno, Technical Secretary

2020: Digital Skills for critical thinking and employability

AUPEX: FOLK-HIGH-SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OF EXTREMADURA  for the second time is the regional partner for ALL DIGITAL Week.

AUPEX will contibute to  ALL DIGITAL WEEK 2020 with training events that will promote media literacy by developing critical thinking and digital literacy, build safety and trust in technology by developing cybersecurity skills, and enhance employability by developing the right skills for the new digital jobs.

All training actions will be designed from a collaborative and participatory approach where all AUPEX team will participate by sharing ideas, motivations and feedback from previous campaigns.

AUPEX is working in the design of meaningful actions that will help e-facilitators motivate young people, adults with low level of digital skills and other vulnerable groups to improve their digital skills, focusing on the priorities of the campaign.

For AUPEX, media literacy is a priority, so the main efforts will address the lack of critical thinking, although employability will aslo be at the core of the campaign.

Digital Transformation and labour market require new digital skills but specially confidence and attitude that allow us to benefit from digital technologies, so for AUPEX, it is essential to raise awareness on the issues tackled by the campaign, disseminate promotional and learning materials available online, run training, workshops, and debates and encourage local and regional organisations to participate in all those events.

Since AUPEX works closely with Somos Digital and ALL DIGITAL, the activities proposed by both organizations will also be part of the All Digital Week in Extremadura, and each of the 75 digital competence centres of the network will involve in their turn a number of local and regional stakeholders.

Contact: Gema Parrado Leon