ALL DIGITAL Week in Spain was led by two partners: Association “We are digital” – Asociacion ‘Somos Digital’ and AUPEX: Folk-High-School Association of Extremadura. Read their reports below:

2019: Digital transformation from a fun, inclusive and creative perspective!

AUPEX: FOLK-HIGH-SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OF EXTREMADURA  for the first time was the regional partner for ALL DIGITAL Week, after their first participation in the campaign in 2018.

AUPEX has contributed to the ALL DIGITAL WEEK 2019 with four training events that have helped to promote media literacy by developing critical thinking, digital literacy and trust in technology, by developing cybersecurity skills and, enhancement of employability by developing the right skills for the new digital jobs.

Don’t be fooled

DON’T BE FOOLED! A talk-debate to highlight Media Literacy as a key competence for the empowering of citizenship. The activity is based on a test called “Don’t be fooled! (¡Que no te la cuelen!) to self evaluate critical thinking against disinformation, fake news, etc. The session includes a powerful presentation that guides participants through new concepts and dynamics to better understand the risks of disinformation.

ALL DIGITAL CHALLENGE. A two-phase training with a collaborative approach that has helped to improve participants’ skills, engagement and motivation to make the most of digital technologies, understanding their own way to self-empowerment in a glocal digital world:
– Phase 1 – Workshop I: Digital Content generation workshop + QR code.
– Phase 2 – Workshop II: Introduction to coding with AppInventor.

3D Dare

3D DARE. Maker Culture, DiY, DiWO are concepts that still need to be reinforced in Extremadura, especially among those with low level of digital skills. This training action is designed to boost creativity, innovation and foster collaboration and co-creation dynamics within AUPEX digital competence centres. A practical workshop takes users through an introduction to this topic, identifying potential uses of 3D printers at a local level, and helping participants desing their own creations. A regional contest was held during the ALL DIGITAL WEEK. AUPEX acknowledged the best design with an Arduino kit. Designs are shared on Youtube and a public voting (through decided the winner.

ALL DIGITAL RING 2.0. Last year’s ALL DIGITAL Week Best Event, THE ALL DIGITAL RING, presents its 2.0 version in 2019. For this campaign, users created their own – local – digital content and connected this Scratch project with the Raspberry Pi, so correct and wrong answers will activate green and red LEDs, respectively. A fun way of making the most of this awesome game.

All Digital Ring

Each of the 75 Digital Competence Centres has organised at least one ‘Don’t be fooled!’ talk-debate + another activity (#RetoAllDigital, #3Ddare, #AllDigitalRing). Altogether there were 169 events for over 2000 people.

You can read about each of the events in the blogposts using the links below

Digital Competence Centres have become real Social Innovation Labs, where participants in the different events not only have improved their digital skills and confidence, but also have worked on the value of their own digital cultural heritage and have gone a step forward in the digital transformation of their own towns.

16 local apps, over 40 3D designs, over 40 digital rings, participatory activities, users as protagonists of the digital literacy actions. Their own interests and motivation have run the variety of workshops and discussions.

A campaign with a great impact in the region that will, for sure, inspire new ways of empowerment, training a citizen participation.

All Digital Challenge

Examples of Media Coverage

Contact: Antonio Roman Casas, coordinator


2019: Digitally transforming Spain

Already a partner for the past eight editions, the ALL DIGITAL member Association ‘Somos Digital’ was again the Spanish partner in 2019.

As in previous years, Association Somos Digital organized several free courses and workshops that were delivered in online format through the web and in face-to-face format from the CyL Digital spaces network located in the provincial capitals of Castilla y León.

Digital Skills to Get a Job workshop

In this way, and in order to contribute to the public’s awareness of having a critical attitude to the information we see on the Internet and shared on social networks, CyL Digital organized the online seminar: “What is fake news and how does it work? The truth of lies”. This workshop explains what fake news is and is not, who, how and why of the fake news, teaching how to identify false news and how to react to it.

What is Fake News?

Also in the CeMIT Classroom of Cuntis the following topic was addressed: “What is Fake News? What is Clickbait? Identify hoaxes and false news.” This seminar was broadcast through video conference.

Other activities carried out in the framework of this campaign were: “Use Social Networks to find employment”, “Educational Robotics”, “Improvement of the online presence of your company”, “Photographers and Social Networks”. Those are some of the workshops that had been taught with the main objective of improving the employability of citizens through learning and managing new digital tools.

In total over 300 participants who wanted to improve their skills and digital training in search of new professional opportunities participated in the campaign activities.

Examples of media coverage:

ContactJose Moreno, Technical Secretary