2017: Sweden to become a nation of 100% Digital Citizens


Föreningen Sambruk – Municipalities for Joint Development of e-Services – was the Swedish national partner for the fifth time for ALL DIGITAL Week. ALL DIGITAL Week in Sweden is run by the Swedish network organization ‘Digidelnätverket’ – coordinating and overseeing a host of activities all over Sweden, with the objective to become a nation of 100% Digital Citizens.

The Swedish national partner Digidelnätverket is proud to report that 225 event organizers and partners managed to reach approximately 6,000 participants who increased their digital skills! The nation wide campaign week in Sweden took place in more than 90 different locations. In some cities the local library or/and the municipality had a week long programme. All in all, Swedish campaign arranged more than 450 different events during the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018.

Sundsvall Debate

Digidelnätverket wants to highlight that several organizers of events managed to create important local and/or regional cooperation between libraries (who often serve as ICT-centers), local public authorities, NGOs and the private business sector. The cooperation between those different stakeholders is important in order to reach and include all citizens when many public services are transformed into e-services.

The main topics of all the different seminars during ALL DIGITAL week in Sweden 2018 were:

  • digital media literacy
  • online integrity
  • public e-services.

Sweden ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 had their own MAP OF EVENTS

Dalarna Library – Digital Participation event

Promotion and Media Coverage:

A majority of the national organizers used social media such as Facebook and Twitter for information about their events. Also, Digidelnätverket has a group on Facebook in which information about ALL DIGITAL Week was published.

Digidelnätverket had an online contact form open from the end of January, in which all national organizers could give data about their event. All events from that contact form was continously published by the national partner coordinator on a map.

A majority of the national organizers used their webpages – and/or the webpage of the Municipality in which they operate – for information about their events.

More than 10 national organizers had articles or advertisements in local newspapers (digital and print); at least 5 national organizers appeared on regional radio; one national organizer appeared on national television.

See the examples of media coverage:

Kista Library

Twitter: @Digidel

Contact: Ms. Terese Raymond, project manager