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What is ALL DIGITAL Week?

ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital inclusion and empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, community centres, schools and other venues across Europe. Every year it helps 100,000 Europeans to learn and be inspired by what technology can do for them. You can get involved, too!

Why do we need ALL DIGITAL Week?


of the EU population have insufficient level of digital skills


Of EU labour force have no basic digital skills


Have never been online


Are not confident they can identify disinformation


Believe that robots will take their jobs

Stats from Digital Economy and Society Index report DESI (1,2,3), Fake news and disinformation online report (4), Attitudes towards the impact of digitisation and automation on daily life survey findings (5)

What can you do?

Join thousands of event organisers to empower Europeans with digital skills! Anyone can join the campaign by organising an event and promoting the campaign and value of digital skills.

You can participate in various ways – as a partner, event organiser, supporter and, of course, as a participant. Learn more in the Get involvedĀ section and check what events are planned in various countries.

The Unite-IT platform provides networking opportunities for event organisers, hosts the photos, videos and stories from ALL DIGITAL Week.

Events in 2020

ALL DIGITAL Week encourages various activities to support the Europeans who do not have enough digital skills to participate fully in the society and benefit from digital transformation.

Training and awareness raising activities:

  • Advocate for a lifelong learning approach to enhancing digital skills
  • Promote media literacy and critical thinking
  • Build trust in technology by developing cybersecurity and online safety skills
  • Develop skillsets for workforces affected by digital transformation

These are some of the highlighted topics. Underpinning these themes there will be a range of events and activities on digital literacy and basic digital skills, digital citizenship and digital cultural heritage, coding and STEM.

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Over 2500 organisations in 31 countries joined the 10th edition of ALL DIGITAL Week to offer over 3600 training and awareness raising events to 130,000 participants. Learn more to see the partners, stakeholders and examples of activities.